Our recent fundraising for our teaching program has achieved remarkable results. 30 new scholarships were awarded recently. This brings our total to 515 Bachelor of Teaching graduates and 17 recipients of a Master's Degree from our teacher's college in Baucau. 

It is said that "it takes a village to raise a child". Imagine these same children returning to their villages to enrich the communities they left. We are now seeing a national education framework for the first time thanks to your generosity.

"If you have a 1 year plan, plant rice

If you have a 10 year plan, plant trees.

If you have a 100 year plan, educate your children."



To provide educational opportunities to children in economically depressed societies so they may change their society for the better.

Improve health outcomes and lower morbidity rates for the people of East Timor by providing necessary healthcare from a national Barefoot Nursing Program.

Empower the youth of East Timor through participation in competitive sport. To develop character and ethics in young girls and boys.

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Through the goodwill of our supporters, patrons, and caring individuals in Australia, maintain ongoing philanthropy to the people of East Timor so that one day they may become independent, healthy, happy and prosperous. A right that should be afforded to all young nations.


We will continue to honour your support of The Emerge Foundation. The foundation operates on a totally voluntary basis. No one receives payment for their time and involvement apart from suppliers to our functions. Close to 100% of all donations are retained for their intended beneficiaries. We have complete autonomy over the process of awarding scholarships and donations to the parties in East Timor.

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